Prices and bar options

Most of the time you can hire Banquet Inn for free. We take only a deposit of £75.00, which will be fully refunded providing the bar sales reach £550.00 .This covers the cost of licensing, travellling and staff.

We fully understand peoples budgets, corparate and individial needs and would like to be as flexible as we can to suit yours. For this we have various options for pricing

Pay Bar – All guests pay for their own drinks.

Free Bar – All guest have free drinks, host pays the total bill.

Vouchers – Guest can redeem a drink voucher at the bar then pay for other drinks. Hosts pays for total cost of the vouchers.

Set limit – Host runs a free bar for the first hour or untill a set sum as been reached.

Subsidised prices – We set the prices, for instance at £2.00 for your guest and at the end of the evening you pay the difference. This helps wasted drinks and gives the guest a great offer and keeps your cost down.

Unlimited Drink – This is for large parties of 300 plus guests, where you pay £25.00 per person and drinks are unlimited for the duration of the party. Drinks can only be drunk during the length of the event and excludes fine wine and special drinks.This is popular with the May balls and offers exception value.

Our prices change to suit the venue and the logistics of where the event is being held. However, we keep our prices competive without losing the quailty.

Typical bar in Cambridge

Draught pints from £3.00/£3.50

Bottled beer  from   £3.00/£3.50

Spirits with mixers from   £3.00/£3.50

Wine from £3.50 per glass

Soft drink from £1.00

We will give you and display a price list for each bar. Prices for fine wines, ales and premium spirits can be arranged with you.

All prices include VAT at 20%