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How it works

Once you have booked the bar up and paid the deposit, will we arrange the licensing if required and ask you if you have any drink requests, We will need to know the venue address, what time you want the bar to be opened and what time we can set the bar up. For marquee bars we like to visit the day before to get the bar stocked and set up . It takes around an hour to fully assemble and stock a bar. For Village halls we can arrive about an hour before the party starts. Once the bars is up we are ready to start serving, and then once the party is over we collect the rubbish for recycling and pack the bar and stock away. As we will be the licencees for the event, we do not allow other drink to be brought in to be consumed whilst we are operating the bar. We withhold the right to charge corkage or keep the deposit if this effects the bar takings. As banquet Inn is very popular we recommend early booking during the summer months.